Your countertops are a defining aspect of your kitchen's style and functionality, so it pays to keep them in good condition. Unfortunately, accidents happen. Chips, scratches, burns, and water damage are potential issues that harm your kitchen (or bathroom) aesthetic, eventually resulting in the need for refinishing, repair or resurfacing.
Refinishing a countertop means performing repairs: sanding out scratches, removing stains, and recoating the surface with a sealant if necessary. Resurfacing the countertop includes removing of any coatings or sealants, then wet sanding to either a honed or polished look.
Common types of repair, and the associated costs, depend on the countertop material and the severity of the damage. The highest quality materials are often the hardest wearing, but also the most expensive to resurface. Regular maintenance, and proper use, minimizes the risk of damage. Depending on the material of the countertops and degree of damage, we can determine if sanding is necessary. Once determined, we protect cabinets and floors with plastic, then prepare for the wet sanding process. Next, we proceed to remove scratches, burns, and etchings and once removed, we can then either hone or polish the countertops depending on personal preference. Finally, we remove plastic and seal, leaving you to enjoy your brand new countertops.
In today's world, kitchens are the center of entertainment and family life. Don't miss out on total enjoyment with a brand new looking counter top to make your kitchen or bath sparkle! We also polishf loors and walls! Give us a call today. (914)447-4671

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